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About Us

We are Gas Detection Suppliers; our focus is gas detection our vision is providing products for safety and protection to people and the environment from gas hazards. Whether it’s flammable gas hazards as a risk of fire or explosion, or it’s toxic gas hazard as a risk of poisoning people and the environment or it’s an asphyxiate hazard as a risk of suffocation in oxygen deficiency or unconsciousness. You’re safety is our business! We are suppliers of gas detection equipment and Instruments, an online one stop web shop for fixed gas detectionportable gas detection and Safety Protection.

Our range of genuine Dräger Products (Dräger Gas Detection and Dräger Safety) an international leader in the fields of safety technology, also Honeywell Analytics (formally Honeywell Zellweger) fixed flame and gas detection systems under the MDA Scientific, Sieger, Lumidor and Zarebra Brands as well as RAE Systems by Honeywell brand provide fixed and portable gas detection solutions. BW Technologies by Honeywell brand provide portable gas detection solutions for many commercial and industrial sectors for gas detection including oil and gas (drilling and production), refineries and petrochemical facilities, chemical plants, power generation (traditional and renewable), water treatment, marine, military and national security, pulp and paper production, printing, semiconductor and photovoltaic confined spaces, commercial buildings and public facilities, Laboratory and medical, ammonia refrigeration, steel mills, agriculture and livestock, landfill monitoring and biogas generation, mining, turnarounds, plant shutdowns and planned equipment modifications, firemen and first responders.

We supply to numerous small, medium and large sized industrial organisations, to independent companies and everyone else in between. With over 25 years’ experience in the gas detection industry, we deliver around the world, on time, on budget, hassle free… we’ll look after you and your workforce with the Gas Detection Suppliers!