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Data Sheets

Please find our various brochures, data sheets, spec sheets, technical manuals and operation guides, just click on one of the links below...


Fixed Gas Detectors:


Fire Sentry SS Series:

Fire Sentry SS4 Fire and Flame Detectors UV and UV/IR Electro-Optical Digital Fire and Flame Detectors


Satelite XT:

Satelite XT Brochure 

Satelite XT R Version Operation Guide

Satelite XT FFT Version Operation Guide 

Satelite XT 4-20 mA Version Operation Guide 



Searchpoint Optima Plus Advanced Infrared Point Gas Detector Data Sheet 

Searchpoint Optima Plus Engineering Specifications

Searchpoint Optima Plus Safety Manual  

Searchpoint Optima Plus with optional HART® output Operating Instructions 



Honeywell Sensepoint Gas Sensors Technical Handbook 

Zareba Sensepoint Gas Detectors Technical Manual 

Sensepoint Flammable & Toxic Gas Detector Data Sheet 

Sensepoint Flammable Detector Data Sheet 

Sensepoint XCD Spec Sheet 

Sensepoint XCD Brochure 

Sensepoint XCD Gas Detector Technical Manual


Series 3000 Mkll:

Series 3000 Mkll Spec Sheet 

Series 3000 Mkll Data Sheet

Series 3000 Mkll Technical Manual 



Unipoint Ordering Information  

Unipoint Flammable and Toxic Gas Detection Controller Operating Instructions 



XNX Specification Sheet 

XNX Universal Transmitter Safety Manual 

XNX Universal Transmitter Brochure 


Portable Gas Detectors: 


BW Clip Series:  

BW Clip Portable Single Gas Detector Data Sheet 

BW Clip Portable Single Gas Detector Brochure 


GasAlertExtreme Single Gas Detector Data Sheet 

GasAlertMaxXT II Gas Detector Data Sheet 

GasAlertMicroClip XL Multi-Gas (1-4) Detector Data Sheet 

GasAlertMicroClip X3 Multi-Gas (1-4) Detector Data Sheet 

GasAlertMicro 5 Series Multi-Gas (1-5) Detector Data Sheet 

GasAlertQuattro Gas Detector Data Sheet